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StrongHold3D is dedicated to create quality filaments with one goal in mind: everyone should be able to achieve great results with ease.

With this in mind, a group of engineers from Gothenburg and Uppsala, with a passion for 3D-printing, started work on a new filament brand in 2017. They called it StrongHold3D.

Some of the most important requirements were to have pure and clean raw materials, combined with a good manufacturing-process in order to achieve great results.

By partnering up with a European manufacturer which fulfilled the requirements of StrongHold3D, the first filaments where produced.

Over the years the filaments has undergone several tweaks and updates thanks to our rigorous testing and customer feedbacks, which is why StrongHold3D is a brand customers love today.

StrongHold3D is today a part of in Gothenburg, Sweden, which are equally as enthusiastic and dedicated about 3D-Printing!

Stronghold FILAMENTS

We have a wide range of filaments for every project. Below we have listed the most popular choices, but you may always contact us for the full range of our filament offerings.

The most popular choice for 3D-printing. No odours, eco friendly, and easy to use. StrongHold PLA material is 100% bio-degradable.

Our PLA can be used for concept models, prototypes, low-stress applications, presentation models and such.
PLA PRO is a professional material with added compounds and modifications to make it stronger, smoother, and better than ordinary PLA for many projects.

Our PLA PRO is perfect for medium-stress prototypes, models, design decorations, storage containers, brackets, etc.
StrongHold ABS Pro is used to create robust prints which are durable and weather-proof. After treatment is possible with ease.

Used for a wide variety of applications such as toys, impact-resistant parts, strong and weather proof environments.
PETG can be used for stressful applications because it is very durable, perfect for functional objects.
It is also water-repellent!

Our PETG can be used to make snap-on designs, replacement parts, as well as food friendly projects which need FDA approval.

One of the strongest materials. If your 3D-print needs to handle stress, weather, heat or other harsh environments, this is for you.

StrongHold Nylon filaments are perfect for high-stress environments, such as cogs, wheels, moving parts, or similar.
StrongFlex is a flexible TPU filament used in applications which require a product with elastic or flexible properties.

Make rubber wheels, door stoppers, phone cases, shock-proof covers, and much more with this easy-to-use material.
HIPS filament is used mainly for supporting complex structures in 3D-prints in combination with ABS. After print, these materials can be removed/dissolved easily.

Our HIPS formula is balanced so that it performs very well with our ABS PRO filaments.
PVA is our other supporting material used minly in complex structures to support the other filament being printed. After print it is easily removed or dissolved.

Our PVA formula is designed to work great with our PLA filaments in complex print-jobs and advanced projects.
Stone PLA is just like regular PLA with added modifications and compounds, making it similar to stone. This makes it suitable for esthetic purposes.

Applications include such as decorations, toys, games, art, and much more.
SILK PLA is a modified version of regular PLA. By tweaking the properties of regular PLA, we have obtained a special, glossy surfaced PLA which is suitable for shiny esthetic projects.

Applications include models, esthetic design, art, shiny objects and more.
Carbon Fiber filament is especially strong and durable by additives of actual carbon fiber into the material. Carbon fiber is a very robust and lightweight, powerful material.

Applications include such where low weight and strength are key requirements which must be fulfilled.
Glow-in-the-dark filament is a special material used to obtain luminescence which makes the object shine in dark conditions. The material is ideal for toys, decorations and fun objects.

Applications include kids toys, decorations on walls or ceilings, markings which shall be visible in dark conditions and much more.


All our filaments are always spooled and reeled in a way to ensure it never tangles or breaks.


Layer adhesion
One of the primary requirements we have is to make our filaments stick well to the build-plate. The first layer is essential to the whole 3D-print, and all our materials has been manufactured with this in mind.


Layer bonding
All our materials have excellent layer-bonding characteristics. This gives, amongst else, a detailed and smooth 3D-print.


Minimal shrinkage
Enjoy practically shrink-free prints with all our filaments.


Also one of the most important requirements on a good filament. No longer worry about warping effects on the 3D-print.


Perfect roundness
Ovality as well as roundness is measured and carefully adapted during the manufacturing process.


Just press print! No, seriously, no more fuss with the slicer-settings, all our filaments perform well in standard print settings and we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Feel free to contact us for technical data sheet, material safety data sheet or further specifications of our products.


Optimal print settings is important for a successful project.

We like to keep it as simple as possible for our customers. Use the below settings with your 3D-printer to get perfect results with StrongHold Filaments.

Check out all our material print settings on our separate section:


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